Innovation Offshore: The Role of Offshore Wind in Driving a Green Recovery

Free virtual event co-organised by the BWO and the British Embassy Berlin

Thursday, 19 November 2020 from 14.00 – 15.30 CET

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Event summary

Dear Offshore Wind Community,

How can we as an industry contribute to a green recovery after the corona-crisis? Which innovations can bring down costs and minimise the environmental impact of offshore wind farms? How can Germany and the UK cooperate in future offshore wind projects? Join our virtual event to learn more about these and other important questions around offshore wind energy in Germany and the UK.


13:30 Admission & Virtual Networking – Join us around small virtual tables on the Remo platform for an informal exchange before the event starts

14:00 Welcome by Robbie Bulloch, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Berlin and Stefan Thimm, Managing Director, Bundesverband der Windparkbetreiber Offshore e.V. (BWO)

14:15 Offshore Wind's Contribution to a Green Recovery in Germany and the UK: Perspectives and Potential Co-Operation – Dr Patrick Graichen, Director, Agora Energiewende

14:25 Chat with Catrin Jung, Member of Board, BWO

14:35 Offshore Wind Innovations

15:05 Contribution of an Innovative, Sustainable Supply Chain to a Green Recovery – Moderated Panel Discussion

15:25 Closing Words – Stefan Thimm, Managing Director, BWO

15:30 Optional Virtual Networking

*may be subject to changes


Further Information

How can I join the virtual event?

Sign up here before 17 November 2020 if you would like to join our virtual event. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email including a link to the online event space Remo. The email will further contain all relevant information on technical requirements.

Who are the organisers?

About Bundesverband der Windparkbetreiber Offshore e.V.

The association of German offshore wind farm operators (BWO) represents all companies that plan, construct and operate offshore wind farms in Germany. The BWO is the central contact for representatives from politics and authorities at federal level on all questions concerning offshore wind energy.

About the British Embassy Berlin

The British Embassy Berlin maintains and develops relations between the UK and Germany. We work with Germany on a wide range of political, defence, security, commercial and economic questions of interest to both countries, including energy policy and climate change.

About Scottish Development International

Scottish Development International is Scotland’s trade and foreign direct investment agency. Our aim is to encourage more overseas businesses to set up a location in Scotland, invest in Scottish businesses or buy Scottish products.

About the Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade is Her Majesty’s international economics ministry, responsible for bringing together policy, promotion and financial expertise, to break down barriers to trade and investment, whilst promoting British innovation, trade and investment in over 120 markets across the world.

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Natalie Wolf
Natalie Wolf
Event Coordination